KHS Kempis Kleinlosen PartG mbB Wirtschaftsprüfer • Steuerberater


KHS is a medium-sized tax consulting and auditing company that advises sophisticated clients on all tax and business management issues.

The KHS team has recognized expertise in national and international tax law and combines this with expert knowledge in the areas of auditing and business valuation. Our passion in consulting encompasses nationally and internationally operating entrepreneurs and companies as well as private individuals and freelancers.

KHS is constantly investing in the further development of IT systems and software, but also in the training of our employees. For KHS, digitalization also means that the KHS team is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Only through excellent employees with a great passion for their profession and their outstanding knowledge and consulting skills can we provide our clients with top-quality consulting services. Therefore, we are constantly looking for committed personalities to strengthen our team.

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Foundation of KHS Dr. Schlömer Heinemann Kempis PartG mbB

Mr. A. Kempis becomes new partner of KHS

Mr. Kleinlosen joins KHS as an auditor
Resignation of Mr. Hagemeister (former partner)

Resignation of Mr. Heinemann (former partner)
The rebranding of the company as KHS Dr. Schlömer Kempis PartG mbB
Resignation of Mr. Dr. Schlömer (former partner)

Foundation of KHS Audit and Valuation GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft
Mr. H. J. Kempis (former partner) retires

Mr. Kleinlosen becomes new partner of KHS
The rebranding of the company as KHS Kempis Kleinlosen PartG mbB