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Services for private individuals

Tax consultancy

The KHS team sees itself primarily as a consulting firm. In addition to the everyday tax declaration tasks, the KHS team develops tax strategies in the respective interests of our clients.

"We are Tax Consultants with passion and stand for professionalism."
(Andreas Kempis und Mark Trimborn)

All-round carefree package in the tax declaration for private individuals

All-round carefree package, by which we mean

  • no surprises due to high tax back payments
  • Planning of tax prepayments
  • No worries with the tax authorities
  • Actively monitor the impact of tax developments

This is what our clients can expect from us in the declaration, a contact person – and consultant. Vision and creativity and a consultant with passion are the basis for your personal all-round carefree package.

Tax declaration

In addition to the "normal" tax declaration, the KHS team's service package also includes the following examples:

  • Use of the data provided by tax authorities, insurance companies, and pension funds
  • Coordination of information and correspondence with other tax advisors, e.g. for foreign income and investment income
  • Application of double taxation agreements
  • Advice for cross-border commuters and expatriates
  • Analog and digital document acquisition and processing
  • Income from employment – also with a foreign reference, e.g. in the context of a "salary split
  • Income from capital assets
  • Income from renting and leasing of real estate at home and abroad
  • Income from investments
  • Private sales transactions
  • Income from pensions and retirement benefits
  • Taxation of severance payments

Heirs and gifts

The private succession planning

Sensible and, above all, timely asset planning is the best foundation for your own succession. Planning usually takes a lot of time. After all, it is just as much about preserving one's life's work as it is about family peace and not least of all about securing one's own retirement provisions. Standing in the middle of your career and life, you are reluctant to deal with such issues.

For entrepreneurs we would like to refer to "Services for companies - Succession consulting“

In order to actively address the topic of private succession planning, we recommend that you first answer the following questions yourself:

  • What is your financial situation today?
  • How will your assets and liabilities develop in the coming years?
  • How long will you have to work?
  • How much do you have to earn to meet all existing obligations?
  • When will your debts be repaid?
  • How are you covered for illness and disability?

Based on your answers, the KHS team can individually offer the following services in the area of private succession planning, among others:

  • Inventory of assets
  • Development of a succession concept based on individual objectives
  • Will and power of attorney
  • Determination of the inheritance and gift tax effects
  • Long term gift tax planning
  • Installation of a family foundation
  • Coordination with lawyers and notaries

Family Office

Anyone who has built up a fortune certainly wants to preserve it. An independent "family office" can make a valuable contribution in this respect. The KHS team can advise family offices on the one hand, however, can also operate an individual family office in accordance with the specifications and wishes of private individuals, within the framework of professional regulations.

Together with our clients, the KHS team develops transparent solutions based on economic and tax principles for asset preservation. The trust of our clients confirms us in what we do.

What we can do for you

  • Asset analysis and tax planning of investment strategies
  • Mediation, including mediation in generation and succession issues
  • Coordination of other service providers, e.g. property management companies, financial investment advisors
  • Consulting and establishment of a family foundation
  • Fiduciary services

International tax consulting

The KHS team advises both companies and employees (private individuals) on questions of international tax law.

For entrepreneurs or employers, we refer to our services in the area "Services for Companies – International Tax Law".

For entrepreneurs or employers, we refer to our services in the area "Services for Companies – Tax Consulting".