KHS Services at a glance

KHS Kempis Kleinlosen Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB is a medium-sized law firm with a very high level of expertise in the areas of auditing annual and consolidated financial statements and company valuation.

“We are passionate about auditing and stand for professionalism.”

(Andreas Kempis and Matthias Kleinlosen)

The KHS team sees itself as a partner to our clients and supports them personally, confidentially and competently at all times in a wide variety of situations. The aim is to create added value and provide our clients with comprehensive and goal-oriented advice.

“It's about more than just the audit opinion.”
(Andreas Kempis and Matthias Kleinlosen)

In particular, we advise family businesses in the upper mid-market and in an international environment, but also German subsidiaries of international groups and start-ups.

Our areas of specialization are in particular

  • Statutory audits of annual and consolidated financial statements (HGB & IFRS) as well as special audits for specific events
  • Audits in accordance with VerpackG, Interseroh certificates
  • Company valuations for a wide variety of reasons, e.g. purchase/sale, contributions in kind, family and inheritance law, tax law
  • Business management advice, e.g. for investment decisions
  • Transaction advice (financial & tax due diligence services, post-merger integration)
  • Answering questions on accounting in accordance with HGB and IFRS (second opinion, accounting advisory)
  • Auditing and advising companies in crisis


Our industry focus is on

  • Renewable energies (project development, operation of PV systems)
  • Trade (wholesale, online trade, automobile trade)
  • Service companies (consulting companies, project development)
  • Project development in the real estate sector
  • Manufacturing industry, in particular metal processing, automotive suppliers
  • Consumer goods (clothing industry, jewelry and watch industry)
  • Real estate industry (portfolio holders, project development)

Company valuation is a complex and particularly trustworthy service - the future of a company is often at stake, and the KHS team is aware of this responsibility as consultants and appraisers.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”
(Warren Buffet)

We are not aware of Warren Buffet's secret valuation methodology for determining undervalued companies as part of his investment approach. The KHS team determines objective and subjective company values in accordance with national and international valuation standards and relies on recognized valuation methods - our objective is maximum transparency for our clients.

We carry out company valuations on an ad hoc basis.

Reasons for valuation include:

  • Determination of statutory or contractual compensation claims
  • Formations in kind for corporations
  • Compensation of partners and shareholders
  • Valuations for compulsory portion claims and equalization of gains
  • Determination of transaction prices
  • Sale/purchase of companies
  • Fairness opinions
  • Management buy-out
  • Valuations driven by tax law and accounting law
  • Inheritance/gift tax valuation reasons
  • Determination of hidden reserves
  • Transfer of functions
  • Impairment tests

The KHS team sees itself first and foremost as a consultancy firm. In addition to day-to-day tax declaration tasks, the KHS team develops tax strategies in the interests of our clients.

“We are passionate tax consultants and stand for professionalism.”
(Andreas Kempis and Mark Trimborn)

All-round carefree package in tax consultancy
  • No surprises due to high back tax payments
  • No worries with the tax office
  • Keep an active eye on the impact of tax developments
  • Making decisions and figures understandable and practicable

In essence, this is what our clients expect from us in addition to the self-evident declaration of all company taxes, a contact person - and advisor. Vision, creativity and an advisor with passion are the basis for your personal all-round carefree package.

Tax planning and strategy

  • Effects of a change in the legal form of your company
  • Optimization of the group structure through the use of holding companies
  • Optimization of tax loss utilization
  • Use of META companies to avoid the interest barrier
  • Optimization of the group tax rate
  • Cross-border tax planning
  • Carrying out tax burden comparisons
  • Splitting and leasing of businesses

Our advice covers all issues relating to tax-optimized group structuring, the determination of group allocations and transfer prices. This also includes advice on sensitive issues such as double taxation agreements, transfer pricing, permanent establishments and withholding tax. A further focus of our activities is the area of “expatriates”. In addition, we assist private individuals with the structuring of cross-border issues in the area of income tax and inheritance and gift tax.

The KHS team speaks German as well as business fluent English.

Our services in this special segment include in particular

  • Advice and ongoing tax support for foreign and international companies operating in Germany (e.g. subsidiaries or permanent establishments in Germany)
  • Advice for domestic German companies that are also active abroad on a cross-border basis
  • Choice of location from a tax perspective
  • Advice on setting up permanent establishments abroad and setting up permanent establishments of foreign companies in Germany, including profit accrual for permanent establishments in Germany and abroad
  • Application and impact of double taxation agreements
  • Assistance with external tax audits by the tax authorities with questions relating to international tax law
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation and structuring of transfer prices
  • Clarification of obligations in connection with withholding taxes for foreign private individuals and companies
  • Tax issues relating to expatriates
  • Advice on moving abroad or moving into Germany
  • Assistance with cross-border gifts/inheritances
  • Assessment of cross-border deliveries, supply chains and services
  • VAT registration of foreign companies operating in Germany and preparation of the associated advance VAT returns and tax returns
  • Input tax refund procedures

Your financial accounting - in the best hands with us. We support you in keeping the books and preparing ongoing evaluations according to your individual needs. We have developed three service packages for this purpose:

Package 1

You do your own bookkeeping. We provide you with the latest DATEV software at a reasonable price. You employ your staff and we provide you with the knowledge and experience of our specialized employees. This means that you always have security on your side, even in the event of absences due to illness, for example.

Package 2
The KHS team takes over the electronic recording and processing of your (analog or digital) receipts and their electronic storage for your financial accounting, including all tax reports.

Package 3
With us, you go down the path of complete digitization of your financial accounting. Nowadays you receive most receipts and invoices digitally anyway, you scan all others and send them to us online without having to send the original documents out of the office. If you do not have the option of digitizing your receipts, we will be happy to do this for you.

We can also prepare the results from financial accounting beyond the fulfillment of legal obligations for economically sensible information management, from cost accounting to electronic payment transactions.

The KHS team also helps you to optimize your internal accounting processes. In addition, the KHS team supports the introduction of individual controlling instruments.

The (consolidated) annual financial statements as your analog or digital business card.The KHS team prepares the annual financial statements on the basis of the financial accounting prepared by you or the KHS team.The annual financial statements under commercial law are prepared on an order-related basis. The KHS team takes into account the company-specific objectives and addressees of the annual financial statements. In doing so, we make use of the professional possibilities, in particular the preparation of the annual financial statements with / without plausibility checks.

The added value of the preparation of annual financial statements by the KHS team is the company-specific design recommendations. We implement the possibilities for optimization according to your individual objectives in an integrated tax concept. The special feature of the KHS team is that the majority of the team members are professionals with a comprehensive view of the optimization potential.

As a digital law firm, the KHS team naturally provides the annual financial statements as an electronic version. You can choose between an electronic copy of a bound annual financial statement and a fully legally valid version (qualified electronically signed). This facilitates the exchange of documentation with financing banks and investors and speeds up the compilation of necessary documentation for possible tenders.

Of course, you will also receive your annual financial statements as a bound copy as usual.

The KHS team also provides support in the preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with national and international accounting standards.

At KHS, human resources management is more than just “payroll accounting”.The KHS team offers you a comprehensive service, from the organization and preparation of all payrolls to the clarification of tax and social security issues.

When it comes to payroll accounting, companies are increasingly having to adapt to numerous changes in laws, administrative regulations and special features in social security. Many of our clients have therefore made a conscious decision to entrust their human resources management to the KHS team.

Our services at a glance:

  • Examination of employment contracts from a tax perspective
  • Registration and deregistration
  • Wage tax registrations and contribution statements for social insurance and all electronic notifications
  • Payroll accounting in accordance with legal, collective bargaining and contractual requirements
  • Preparations for electronic payment transactions
  • Reimbursement procedures (e.g. for maternity protection benefits)
  • Support with applications and certificates, e.g. short-time working allowance
  • Assistance with external audits by tax authorities and social security institutions
  • Answering your questions about social insurance (e.g. contribution limits, minimum wage, etc.)
  • Answering your tax-related questions about personnel, such as payroll tax, provision of cars, secondment cases (expatriates)

The rapid changes in the areas of digitalization, taxes, financing and increasing competitive pressure place high demands on the business management of companies.

You may also be concerned with one of the following questions:

  • Are the processes implemented in the company still up to date?
  • How does the investment decision affect key figures (covenants) in existing loan agreements?
  • Which legal form is optimal from a business and tax perspective?
  • Which financing offer is appropriate for my company?
  • Who will support me in discussions with the bank?

For the KHS team, competent business consulting requires a good understanding of the industry and the company.

Our services at a glance:

  • Process analysis and identification of efficiency improvement potentials
  • Business analysis of credit agreements or other financing instruments
  • Support with loan negotiations
  • Support in obtaining funding
  • Assumption of operational and strategic controlling
  • Preparation of integrated planning calculations (income, liquidity and balance sheet planning)
  • Support in setting up and analyzing business evaluations
  • Support in setting up new or optimizing existing cost accounting systems
  • Support with business start-ups or restructuring
  • Real estate project development: project controlling and coordinated financial accounting,
  • Profitability calculations and fiduciary activities
  • Support with company succession
  • Personal coaching for entrepreneurial decisions

Your company is to be sold or transferred to the next generation in the short term or in the next few years.

We design solutions for generational succession from a legal, strategic and tax perspective - regardless of whether it is a transfer by gift, inheritance or sale. Optimal advice and the drafting of comprehensive contracts ensure that the asset or company unit you have created is preserved.

This is because handling complex gift and inheritance cases and carrying out sales transactions requires expertise in economic, legal and tax matters, a feel for planning processes and competent, ongoing support.

The KHS team is at your disposal with experienced cooperation partners in the areas of tax (especially inheritance tax) optimization as well as corporate, family and inheritance law structuring.

Our individual services at a glance:

  • Inventory of assets
  • Development of a succession concept based on individual objectives
  • Determination of the inheritance and gift tax implications
  • Long-term gift tax planning
  • Tax-optimized sale, e.g. prior conversion of the legal form
  • Support during the transaction, e.g. information memorandum, data room management
  • Coordination with lawyers and notaries

Tax compliance has long been a mandatory program for capital market-oriented companies, but is now becoming increasingly important for SMEs.

Initial approaches from the tax authorities, particularly in the cross-border area, show that tax compliance is becoming a strategy to offer taxpayers structural incentives if they actively cooperate in fulfilling their tax obligations. This also includes the correction of subsequently discovered, incorrect reports and declarations.

As part of our all-round carefree package of tax advice, the KHS team ensures that you meet your tax compliance obligations in a timely and appropriate manner. In the event of errors, we advise you on how to avoid tax disputes and defend against tax offenses.

Our services at a glance:

  • Assistance in setting up and installing a tax compliance system
  • Definition of the delegation of duties and distribution of tasks
  • Monitoring activities in relation to the fulfillment of tax obligations
  • Introduction of regular audit routines, e.g. dual control principle, routine checks, etc.
  • Occasion-related spot checks following negative audits or process changes
  • Establishment of data analyses for controls and to avoid tax risks
  • Documentation of tax compliance measures for the purpose of providing evidence
  • Correction of tax returns and declarations
  • Advice on the defense against tax offenses

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