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Go digital with us and bring your business forward.

As your reliable partner, the KHS team will support you in all business areas on your way to the digital development of your company. The following overview is intended to provide you with an orientation as to which steps we are already taking for you in our firm and how you can arrange digital cooperation with us for your own company.

The KHS team has largely digitized the services in the area of auditing and annual financial statement preparation. As a client you will receive digital, legally signed reports.

The KHS team offers you two optimal tools for your accounting and payroll accounting: „companies online“ and „employees online“. You benefit from efficient processes, daily updated accounting and a lean and fast accounting process for your payroll accounting.

Digitization of auditing

KHS has digitized annual audit where it is particularly useful for our clients. This includes among other things:

  • State-of-the-art auditing software, in which the individual risk-oriented auditing approach is documented transparently and comprehensibly
  • Together with the client, we discuss the risk assessment for the audit areas, either on-site or remotely if desired
  • Analysis programs for intelligent evaluation of data and determination of samples
  • Online tool for transparent and convenient selection and management of balance confirmations
  • Online data exchange, e.g. with a digital requirements list, which enables the client and us to work together efficiently at any time

Digital reporting

In contrast to the analog world of audit and/or preparation reports on paper, our clients today increasingly demand "electronic originals". We can provide our clients with legally compliant audit and preparation reports digitally and securely after individual consultation. Of course, we can also continue providing additional and exclusive paper copiesto provide additional or exclusively paper copies; here too, the client is the focus of our actions.

The tool "Company online" (Unternehmen online)

KHS is a digital consulting firm, but all clients, whether analog or digital, are important to us. We are happy to assist you with digitization, but we also work with the classic shuttle folder. The KHS team responds individually to your wishes and needs.

Company online – a brief description:

During digitization, online companies offer you many advantages and enormous time savings. Nowadays, you receive most receipts and invoices digitally anyway. All other receipts are scanned and transmitted to us online, without having to send the original documents out of the company.

This saves you from now on:

  • The sorting
  • The preparation
  • The filing
  • The subsequent stapling of incoming and outgoing documents
  • The transport or shipping to us and back
  • Particularly important – the proper archiving of the documents

You have online access to all scanned documents, current data and evaluations and, for example, to open items.

The tool "Employees online" (Arbeitnehmer online)

Via the portal you can send us the accounting values for your employees online. We do the evaluation and accounting for this. Each employee access in order to retrieve them independently online via the portal "My statements":

  • Gross/net accounting
  • Wage tax statement
  • Social security certificate

We take care of the registration and deregistration of employees, social security notifications, tax audits, etc. Find out here how you too can facilitate communication with your employees.